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Split Jerk Analysis


Split Jerk Analysis

Hey all! I hope you enjoy this analysis of the split jerk! Just a few things I wanted to clear up that I breezed over or mumbled in the video.

#1 Feet can be under your hips to just outside your hips! You can’t rewind and redo on the video so I left it.

#2 The bar went behind my head(top) video, in compensating for the forward chest.

#3 The poor back angle and lift(top) was missed because a combination of the forward chest and then the straight leg while landing.

#4 Jay is a 77kg lifter with a 136kg C&J and 102.2 KG Snatch = 238.2 Total

2015 American Open Qualifying Total For 77kg: 232kg

2016 National Qualifying Total:  269kg

2016 National University Qualifying Total: 223kg

I hope you enjoy and please remember that all our athletes are NOT specifically trained for Olympic Lifting, we just focus on technique and program so our athletes see results.

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