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Relationship Goals


Relationship Goals

As Valentine’s Day grows near we see more and more trending hash tags about relationships. #RelationshipsGoals is trending like crazy on social media and has for some time now. So much so at Fellowship Church they did an entire series based on relationships.Anyways, if you look up the hashtag you will see a wide range of content from funny, inspiring and even some inappropriate stuff that shouldn’t be on there.  If you are wondering why I’m talking about #RelationshipGoals, I promise there is a point.

Recently, my wife and I took a picture, the one posted below, and it reminded me of when we first started CrossFit together. It was 2012, after my daughter was born, and I started training her  in our garage gym in California. My wife hated fitness, was out of shape, but knew CrossFit was my passion. She gave it a try and well, let’s just say it wasn’t her first. She thought the 400m Run at the start was the workout and not just the warm up haha! Anyways, she did it because she wanted to have something that was “ours”. It turned out that overtime CrossFit would be “our thing”. Needless to say the first three months were tough for her but soon she found herself loving it. Loving it so much that she eventually became an NASM CPT, CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer and USA-W Sports Performance Coach herself.

I didn’t mean to brag about my wife, although she is pretty awesome and has come so far, but I’m using our relationship as an example of the awesomeness that comes from doing CrossFit with your significant other. We have a lot of couples who join together and I think it’s the best decision two individuals can make. I have heard from several of our clients that they only took Essentials to be supportive but ended up falling in love with it themselves. I mean, I  can think of 13 couples off the top of my head that I coach in the evening classes alone. That means almost(not quite) 1/3(30 total athletes) of our evening clientele are couples and almost all of those couples have been clients for over a year. That speaks volumes about the power of having your significant other at the gym with you. From this we can make a few hypothesis why joining CrossFit as couple is so awesome and effective.

#1 Good Cop/Bad Cop: If you’ve ever tried to help train your significant other it can cause quite some conflict. You take the time to write a program and try and push them through the workout. Problem with that is sometimes your good intention, turns into a total disaster. You may be pushing them but all they can focus on is “Your negative tone” and  the fact “You are pushing them too hard”. At CrossFit, it’s my job(the coach) to program, coach and push everyone. Just like training with you, they may not like the push, however, I’m the bad guy now, not you. This instantly makes you the good guy looking like a knight in shining armor as they complain,  “Talon was pushing me so hard!” to which you respond “I know baby, he tends to do that, but you did so good.”  It’s an ultimate win/win for everyone. You both get a good workout in and you both leave 100% happy with each other which leads to a great dinner and evening, maybe even Netflix and Chill.

#2 Accountability: A big part of seeing results at our gym is being held accountable. As coaches, we can send messages, follow up and encourage you to come, but we don’t have the power your significant other does. If you and your significant other make the gym “your thing”, something you both share, enjoy and integrate into your lifestyle, it will keep both of you on the right track. If you tell us “I can’t make it to the gym”, we won’t question you, however if your significant other knows you are being lazy and calls you out because they know your schedule, it will probably motivate you to get your butt into the gym. You’d surprised the amount of tattle tales we have at the gym, which is a good thing. Couples dime each other out like you wouldn’t believe, but it’s all for the purpose of progress.

#3 Bonding: We know challenges and shared adversity make individuals grow. Sharing that adversity and conquering it with the one you care about allows you both to grow together.Without challenge, there will be no change. When a couple faces the same workout together, and it’s a tough one, there is a shared sense of accomplishment when the workout is over. On the drive home or over dinner they can discuss how they felt and share a sense of pride over the workout. Sometimes it can be the complete opposite and one of the individuals had a bad workout. This is perfect opportunity for the other to swoop in and be 100% supportive and offer perspective. I know you’ve all seen couples who just sit across from each other with nothing to talk about, couples who CrossFit do not have this problem.

Ultimately, having a shared passion with your significant other is a great way to strengthen the relationship. The gym takes up at least an hour of your day so why not share that with the one you care about most? The dynamic of the gym where both individuals work towards goals and progressing themselves physically and mentally creates a very unique, uplifting and beneficial experience. If you are interested in trying CrossFit, ask the one you care about most to give it a try with you. Maybe they won’t initially want to try it, but maybe over time after they see results you are getting they will be willing to give it a shot!






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