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Member of the Month: March 2016


Member of the Month: March 2016

Our member of the month this month was none other than Mrs. Courtney Lasater! It was pretty exciting to see her get both her anniversary shirt the same time she was awarded this honor.

Courtney came here as a referral from her husband Cody and has done some amazing work since the day she has joined. Not only has she physically transformed but she has made a lot of gains! She was awarded member of the month because of her commitment to the gym, referral of other clients and overall fun and positive attitude that she has had. If she completes a workout she will always stick by and cheer on those still working!  We are starting our next Summer Swole Challenge on Monday and are excited to see what she does there! Keep up the good work!




Courtney has cut 25lbs and over 13% body fat since joining CrossFit L 3!

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