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January Member of The Month


January Member of The Month

At CrossFit L 3 we truly value our community and believe we have the best around! With that we have been lacking in acknowledging the accomplishments and hard work our clients put in each and every day. This year in 2016 we are working on improving that and making sure our clients know we recognize the effort they put into the gym and their fellow L 3 athletes.We are continuing to strive to make the gym a better place and will never be complacent with any aspect of the gym.

So, we are proud to announce our 2016 Member of the Month for January 2016 is Mrs. Lindsay Abstein. 

Lindsay joined us for the second time this May and we were absolutely ecstatic to have her back as a client. Since May she has continually pushed herself and encouraged other athletes around her. She walks in the door everyday with a very contagious positive attitude and smile. As an athlete, she continues to improve and shows great patience in working on the prescribed progressions and ensuring she has the proper technique.

During our 2016 Resolution challenge, Lindsay stepped up big and has lost 6.7% body fat! She worked out everyday in New Mexico during a ski trip, including running a mile and completing 30 Burpees For Time on a daily basis in 6 degree weather. Every challenge WOD she can be seen encouraging other clients and cheering those on who don’t finish as quickly as her. We are extremely proud to call Lindsay our client! If you see her at the gym, please congratulate her. If your goal is to become client of the month, she is someone great to emulate.


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