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Confidence is major influence in our lives whether we know it or not. People can sense it, it’s present in our actions and certain cases reflects where we have come from. Confidence, in my opinion, is part God given, part taught and part earned. Some individuals are just naturally confident, not afraid to fail, others were taught by their parents at a young age and you notice them gain more and more as they grow, others however, have to earn it.

Stay with me here for a second as this play outs and  you’ll understand why I’m brining this up. The first day you walk into work with three brand new co-workers, everyone can tell you are all new but each of you will be treated differently. One of the individuals is very confident, as if they have some sort of experience in this field, even if they don’t. They are able to relate everything going on, the other person has no experience, but has a certain air about them and you sense they will be fine. But you, you don’t have much confidence and this is foreign. Everyone can sense it, you can see their perception but they support you and help you along the way. You work at it, become more and more confident, and about that time your job hires more people. You are more confident in your job now, and although you haven’t mastered it, you are comfortable on how you are progressing and can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Moral to the story is that you earned that confidence, you worked for it, and each day you work it and gain experience you gain confidence.

How does this apply to the gym. First and foremost, if you have any sort of fitness goal and you aren’t in a gym, you won’t reach it. Stepping into a gym without any experience is just like that first day of work. You may not feel confident in what you are doing but there are coaches and members who will support you. Day by day you will gain experience, become more confident and start seeing results you desire. Once again, you’ll have to earn it. Be consistent, follow the program, eat to perform and you’ll be successful.

If you are reading this and think it doesn’t apply to you because you have experience you are wrong. Let me break it down to you this way, is there a weight you just can’t seem to lift or a movement that you just can’t seem to master that everyone has? You walk up to the bar, feel the weight and are like there is no way I’m lifting this, only to watch someone who has never attempted that weight walk up and hit it like it was nothing, and historically their strength does not compare to yours. Well, I hate to break it to you but it may be a confidence issue. It really does have a huge role in what you are capable of doing.

As a coach I’ve seen this happen countless times. Athletes watch others in awe as they walk up and hit a lift that they never would have guessed that individual could lift.  Yes, there is a learning curve, yes there is a strength and training factor, but if you’ve learned it and haven’t seemed to execute it, there is a chance you could be in your head. Here is the awesome thing though, you can become more confident and achieve what you thought impossible before. Like I said, some individuals just have it, others don’t, but remember if you are one of the individuals with you it you can earn it. It takes time, hard work and doing things that are physically and mentally taxing. Like I stated above, and what I personally feel is the best part of CrossFit L 3 is the community and coaches that are there to help you and support you along the way.

In conclusion, whatever you want to achieve, whether it be losing weight or hitting a huge PR you need confidence.  If you aren’t one of those individuals who just naturally has it, work at it. Show up, put the work in, and believe that you can do it. Everyday you come in and work at whatever it is, the more your confidence will build and the more successful you will become.



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