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First – Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!

Second – Today we are doing something a little different! It is normally a rest day for most our athletes so as long as this trend continues, we are offering a few options in Programming.  We are going to see how this goes and how people like it.

Option 1) Make up weightlifting missed earlier in the week (If you missed a class) & complete programmed METCON

Option 2)  Only do programmed METCON & ROMWOD (Range of Motion WOD)

Option 3) Only do ROMWOD X 2 (Upper & Lower Extremity Focus)

I’ve been seeing a lot of athletes doing this and believe it may be a very beneficial tool for athletes. If you have time to make it to the gym, but just sit at home instead, this is an awesome opportunity to come chill, get a good stretch in and hang out with everyone.


WL: Make Up missed day


15 Minute Time Cap


Weighted Step Ups

Ring Muscle Ups or Pull Ups

KB Cleans



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