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2/1/2016 & 2/2/2016


2/1/2016 & 2/2/2016

Sorry I didn’t get the information out about the workout the last two days! I have been busy putting the finishes on the 2016 BeastMode For The Brave #WITHYOU challenge! If you want to, please go check out the video. I promise it’s inspiration and will make you put certain things in perspective.BeastMode For The Brave!


Second, we are finishing up the first half of the Squat cycle! We will be de-loading starting on Friday and the get back into the grind next week. That brings me to the next part.



Warm Up:

Coach Led


Front Squat: Work sets @ (90%)


Power Clean & Jerks

Ring Muscle Ups



Our challenge WOD today consisted of Max Effort Deadlifts with max load being the way it is score. Athletes then finished off with a nice cool down run followed by 30 Burpees for time! The challenge only has 2 weeks left! So proud of everyone for going hard!

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